Wedding dress remodelling

You already have a wedding dress, but it is not made to measure, too wide, too long or too tight? Or do you want to give it a different touch? Have your wedding dress altered or adjusted by one of our experts in this field. Style Devotion offers a perfect solution for this category of brides. With over 38 years of experience, we can offer you this unique service to tailor wedding dresses to your exact wishes and sizes.

for determining the price, it is best to come by first to show the dress. We'll look at the possibilities together and discuss the final price. The fabrics partly determine the final price. For a perfect result, visit us with your wedding gown at least two months in advance. Even if the wedding dress was not bought from us, we can adjust it to your wishes.

Changing a wedding dress is an art in itself. It takes Passion, insight, manual dexterity and patience.

We have seen many different styles, and yet we are always amazed when something unique emerges. We have great ideas and the right solution for all requested assignments. Our own tailor will make the dress completely conforming to your wishes. We are only satisfied when you are and we see every detail. We have more than 38 experience in our studio, and therefore extensive insight and experience.

Of course you can also get matching lingerie and shoes from us, with possibly a hoop, ring pillow or garter.